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 5/1/2012 - Site Status News

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5/1/2012 - Site Status News Empty
PostSubject: 5/1/2012 - Site Status News   5/1/2012 - Site Status News Icon_minitimeTue May 01, 2012 4:51 pm

Normally, whenever I make a request shop, I have a limited time for it to stay open.
IMVU isn't giving me the time limit, its me actually. I like to be able to do other stuff, but for me to go back
to the IMVU forums, once i'm done with my break, its to overwhelming, the forums is crammed with
alot of developers, and I just hate that theres barely any space.

Getting to the point: since this is my site, theres no time limit. So that means, you can request
whenever you feel like it. Theres no pressure, no obligations. So if you have any ideas for custom eyes,
you are always free to come back and request them.

If you like my work (request wise) i'd love for you to spread the word about my site.
Since its now detatched from the actual IMVU site, its hard for me to get new requesters.

Thank you all for your support, patience and love.
I'm happy to be able to take on all your requests,
through all that it may be, i'm excited to take on the challenge and to make you all happy!

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5/1/2012 - Site Status News
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