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 5/22/12 List Change (again).

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5/22/12 List Change (again). Empty
PostSubject: 5/22/12 List Change (again).   5/22/12 List Change (again). Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 2:05 am

Hey everyone, BlackCat here. I'm here to tell you i've changed some things about my To-Do list.
First of all, it was a dumb idea to remove the order list I used to have when I first started, it gave me much more
peace when I had it, switching to the To-Do list just made everything alot more difficult and hectic for me,
and i'm only blaming myself.
I've decided to now just do 4 requests per month (each week take on a new request)
this should be alot less stressful, which would mean, I can actually get to your request
without falling apart inside. I'm sorry again, I know i've been apologizing alot lately, but I am sincere,
its not just something I say to get away with it. Honestly I care for you all, i've been feeling so very down
lately, and most of it was because I keep putting a workload on myself, even though I cannot handle it
I keep pushing myself, which is bad, since it puts me at my worst. Just like most develpers, they work
on other things instead of just one. I get so very sick and tired of making eyes all the time, just cause I know
how to do it. I want to do more new things, without actually quitting making eyes.

So again, I hope I can do this, I hate to waste your time, and put your hopes up.
I don't want to lose you all, I understand waiting can be a dreadful thing, I just want to be
able to do your request without feeling stress. Stress kills my passion, and that leads to crappy qualty.

I also have to be switching back to gimp, since I know for sure I won't be able to get PSe8 back,
and using my tablet on gimp works way to slow, so I might just do everything with mouse clicks.
Don't worry though, i've done this before, and I know my way to work with it.

Thats all for now, like always, I will keep you updated on the site and plans (hopefully not crappy ones).


PS: This was thanks to my mami Flor, she gave me the idea to switch back to my old listing ways.

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5/22/12 List Change (again).
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