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BlackCat creates realistic eyes on for a good price and great quality. Heres your chance to request high quality eyes without breaking your credit bank.
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-How To Use The Form Properly-

Do not delete anything that belongs to the Form you are using.
And If you do not have any answers for the questions, just put N/A

If you do not understand a question just put "What is this?" or "What does this mean?" with one ? please, do not overdo it.

Do not add any more questions to the Form, just put the answers that didn't have questions in the Form at the bottom of the Form. And don't worry I look at the WHOLE Form you've given me, so nothing will be left out.

Do not take someone elses Form to make it easier for you.
Be creative.

Do no not use Exlcusive eyes as References or Concepts.
I will NOT make your eyes look like theirs.
Though you may use the references they had used to make their exclusive eyes, but give me an extra, completely new reference or concept to make your eyes.
But remember, I will not make it look like their eyes.

Colors go in the Colors or Duo Colors question. Not in references or concepts.

Normal is NOT a size for a pupil or iris. Small, Medium or Large are the answers to those questions.

Basic Rules

1. Don't rush request.

2. Don't pay me before I finish your request, I will let you know how much you owe me and when to pay.

3. Use the Forms to request eyes.

4. Don't delete any of the forms questions, it confuses me, and your request will not come out right.

5. Do not use eyes from the "Finished Requests" as a base eye. Thats stealing an idea.

6. Don't copy and paste another requesters Form, if you have trouble making your Form, ask me first.

7. Don't start drama.

8. Don't bribe me. My service is First Come, First Serve.
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*1 - Rules*
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