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 May Madness Eyes Overload!

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PostSubject: May Madness Eyes Overload!   Mon May 28, 2012 5:22 pm

Okay, this month of May, I've went and gone crazy making new eye sets!
I've learned some new techniques, and decided to use them on eyes.

I've made some different versions for a few, because I just love how they look
individually, and couldn't pick one over the other.

Eye Sets with Added Versions:

Sympathy = Kind
Sincere = Joy 2.0 (was recently named Childish)

* First up is 'Delicate' * Click Here For Bigger Preivew

* Second is 'Sympathy' * Click Here For Bigger Preview

* Third is 'Kind' * Click Here For Bigger Preview

~ * Other Eye Sets * ~

* 'Sincere' * Click Here For Bigger Preview

* 'Joy 2.0' * Click Here For Bigger Preview

Random Eye Box Theme: N/A

Latest Eye Set in the Works: Symphony - Working On - IMAGE N/A

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May Madness Eyes Overload!
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